Silent Lines

Silent Lines

The lesser-known signs that might be making you look older and how to fix them

When we think aging signs, we usually think about forehead lines, crow’s feet wrinkles, saggy skin, and gray hair. Nonetheless, there are other signs that make us look older and that we should look out for.

Bunny lines:

'Bunny lines are small, sometimes diagonal, wrinkles on both sides of the nose, right below the bridge They are typically caused by repeated facial movements in that same area, so if you wrinkle your nose a lot, or your nasal muscles are particularly strong when you laugh, you may be more prone to developing bunny lines’, explains Dr Nestor Demosthenous, aesthetic practitioner.

According to Dr. Yang,  Facial Plastic Surgeon in NY, injecting a small amount of botox in the area of the bunny lines can help relax that muscle and reduce the bunny line wrinkles formed from "scrunching the nose. If the botox injections to smooth out the lines, then it is possible the person is scrunching their nose with other muscles on the side of their nose.  These muscles can be injected with botox, but have the high risk of causing changes in the way someone smiles.

Tear Through Deformities

Have you ever noticed how some people always look tired even when they get eight hours of sleep? Do you find yourself having permanent eye bags, dark patches, and deep lines over your eyes despite your healthy lifestyle? Well, it might be more than a lack of sleep or poor nutrition.

'Many patients believe that they have deep eye bags when they come in to see me and are shocked to be told they actually have what's known as a 'tear trough deformity', says Dr Nestor. 'This is actually a fold that extends from the inner eye corner, running down and outwards and creating a hollow, often accentuated by a dark shadow. The darkness is often a result of the thinning skin of the lower eyelid, allowing blood vessels and muscle color to shine through. Tear trough deformities are almost guaranteed to make you look older and more tired than you really are, as they cause the eye to look sunken and the area around it to look shadowy and dark.'

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kristen Stewart are among those with these signs, resulting in the effect of looking tired all the time.

How do you remove these bothersome circles? 'Tear troughs can be corrected surgically, but non-invasive treatments are really surging in popularity, as they are far quicker and less invasive than surgery,' explains Dr Nesto. 'Hyaluronic acid fillers can be injected into the area to restore loss volume, and create a smooth contour, as well as diminish those dark eye circles to create a brighter, more youthful effect.'

Drooping eyebrows

Most eyebrows naturally droop or descend with age. The skin and connective tissue around the eyes and eyebrows weakens, which makes them drop. The side of the eyebrows tends to drop more than the part of the brow near the nose. The eyebrows are the frames of the face and set the tone for your facial structure. So, if your eyebrows begin to droop, it gives your whole face gets that older look.

'As we lose this sheet of fat, there is little structural support to hold the skin and eyebrows up. Therefore, everything begins to descend, and as a result we find that the tails of our eyebrows fall and begin to lose their height, giving the appearance of pulling the face down,' Dr. Nestor explains. 

'Using fillers, we can restore this lost sheet-like tissue, and help to raise the eyebrows to their former position, which opens the eyes and gives us back a more awake, refined and youthful appearance.'

Nasolabial Marionnete lines

Marionnte lines are those long length lines that go from the cheeks to the mouth and give the face a sad and serious look.

'Nasolabial lines are deep lines down either side of the mouth, running from the cheeks downwards. If they begin to extend from the corner of the mouth to the chin, then they become what we call marionette lines,' explains Dr Nestor. 'They can dramatically age a face and contribute to a person looking sadder, or older than their years.'

'These kinds of lines are very much a result of facial folding, and volume loss higher up the face should be treated by volumizing key areas of loss with fillers,' advises Dr Nestor.  

If you think you are prone to develop any of these lines in the future, you can speak to your practitioner about getting the muscles relaxed. This will prevent the use of this muscles and help you avoid this “silence” lines that could be ruining your overall vibrancy.

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