A letter to Instagram: Women have the right to look beautiful

A letter to Instagram: Women have the right to look beautiful

Dear Instagram,

Today I posted an Instagram promotion for Botox that said “Buy forehead Botox, Get Crows Feet Botox free” along with an image of a girl looking surprised at her wrinkles”. A few hours later, to my surprise, you guys had denied my promotion.

You said, “Your ad wasn’t approved because we don’t allow ads that reference body images in a way that may make some viewers upset. Ads referring to health or appearance are sensitive in nature. How to fix: We recommend using an image that focuses clearly on product or service”.

To which I responded, “Wrinkles are a normal part of aging, such as white hair. We are encouraging people to refresh their look, not to change their face. The girl in this image does not look displeased at her wrinkles. All people have lines even laughing lines. How can Instagram promote push up bra and not let us promote something that is natural?”

Instagram, every day I see tons of advertisement on fake eyelashes, people painting on themselves fake eyebrows, waist trimmer bands, hair growth blue gummies, and I can’t promote something to make women feel more comfortable in their skin? As part of Uviiva, I have been constantly faced with backlashes against cosmetic treatments. There is a misconception that wanting to have smooth skin means not loving myself. No! Because I love myself I want to look good and have no wrinkles on my face. Because I love myself I want to look fresh. Cosmetic Treatments are a way to enhance one’s beauty such as lipstick, color contacts, mascara, bras, and hair curlers…

Uviiva’s slogan is “freedom to be beautiful” because we believe women should have the freedom to do with their faces as they wish. Women should not be condemned or questioned for wanting to look fresh and young. Women should not be criticized for getting Botox or fillers. We respect all women, those with wrinkles and those without, and believe none of them is more beautiful. However, if a woman wants to get rid of her wrinkles for whatever reason, it’s her right. If she wants to show her wrinkles as something she wants to get rid of, that’s her right too.

Nobody judges someone on their natural hair growth, fitness journeys, and makeup tutorials, so please don’t judge someone on his or her cosmetic journey or someone for promoting it. At the end of the day, Botox is not harmful to health, unlike many products being advertised on Instagram,

Instagram, if you are denying our promotion because it shows a woman with wrinkles, then start banning all the fitness models, makeup artists, and hairstylists out there. Treat us equally.


Jael Rodriguez


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